For The Busy Woman How to Survive 2019

1. Hire a cleaning service preferably Clean Technique. You want a QUALITY service in your home. You want a company with insurance and Work Comp.  Make sure all employees have a drug and back ground check. That is very important!!  There is no better feeling than coming home after a long day to a clean home.

2. Own and use a Cock-pot. Always cook enough to freeze for another meal if possible.  I could not live with out mine.  My favorite is having my home cleaned that day and my dinner in Cock-pot ready to serve. Or that night we eat out.

3. Sign up for Grocery delivery.  OMG!!  this is the best thing since Birth Control for women. LOL  I have done recently. I went with Instacart Service.   They shop Aldi’s   grocery that’s why I choose them. I love Aldi’s my husband on the other hand thinks it’s cheap food but it’s not. Personally I think it’s quality food at cheap prices. I have shopped there so much I no what they have and what I buy. Another option is Walmart. I have been told by people that use this pickup service really like it.

4. If you are responsible for the dry cleaning laundry. Have it delivered and picked up. I’m sure there is a cleaner’s near you that does that.

5. Learn to DELEGATE.  I have a 12 1/2 daughter.  She has to empty the dishwasher and I make sure she does it. That little bit really helps me. She also does her on laundry. She does a pretty good job at it.  She doesn’t put her clean laundry in with dirty laundry anymore since she is responsible for it.  All of there electronics being taken away is a good motivator.

6. Try to always find time for yourself. If you are busy person like myself I no it’s hard.  For me it’s being able to get in my Sauna or to soak in my jetted tub.  I will leave the laundry that’s looking at me  to fold. The dishes dirty in the sink.  And JUST DO IT. I can promise you all the chores will be waiting on you.  I have learned if I want a health family then I have to be health inside and out. Times have changed for women and we have to change with them.